Bathroom Brawl… Almost

Because we are without running water, I travel to the university to take my showers. The student union – The Wood Center – has showers available for “university affiliated” persons, which I am, sort of. Let’s just say I am. There are two showers of the college dorm variety. Not ideal, but not bad either. I get clean. It works.

Now normally, I shower before I go to work. And always without incident. Often there are others there, also showering before they go to work or class. But yesterday I had the day off. So I didn’t go in to shower until around 5:00 pm. When I arrived, there was a young woman blow drying her hair, but both showers were empty. They each have a door that locks, with a sink, toilet and shower that are private. I went into the far shower, and got ready. About five minutes into the shower, I heard some very loud banging coming from what seemed like the other shower. It sounded like someone was knocking on the other door. Strange, but it stopped and I didn’t think anything more of it. Until I turned off my shower and heard “HURRY UP!!”. There was a woman waiting outside the showers.

Now, my shower wasn’t exceptionally long. Ten minutes, perhaps. And the other shower was empty when I came in, so this woman couldn’t have been waiting for long. As I dried myself off, she kept complaining. “Come ooooooooon,” and “Hurry up!” and “PLEASE.” I kept thinking, OK. What am I going to say when I leave? I kept going back and forth between killing with kindness and letting her have it. She was rapping her fingers on the counter, shuffling around outside, and as I opened the door, I readied myself for her to let me know how inconsiderate I was. I was ready for the snide comment she was going to send my way as she pushed past me into the shower.

Instead, I was greeted with a cheery, “Hi! What do you think of this weather? It’s amazing how warm it is, isn’t it?” I was speechless. And she continued. “Aren’t you enjoying it?” (Side note, the weather has been ‘unusually’ warm – highs 0f 45-50.) I stumbled and said, “Uh, yes. It’s great….” She walked into the bathroom, shut the door, and kept talking. “The weather report said it was going to be like this all week,” she yelled through the door. Now I was blown away. Did she really think this was normal, or friendly? It was so weird, especially as she was causing such a scene on the other side of the door. I hurriedly brushed my hair, put on my face lotion, and got the heck out of there. I simply couldn’t figure out if she was trying to kill me with kindness, or if she was crazy. Then I told the story to Lee. Before I even got to the part where she Jeckle and Hyde-ed me, he said “Was she on drugs?” And the answer was obviously, yes. She was on something.

Moral of the story, shower in the morning when the crazies are still in bed.

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