Belle or the Beast?

Remember that scene from Beauty and the Beast where Belle is out in the winter garden feeding the birds and they come right to her hand?  And then later Beast is out there with birds perched all over his head and shoulders?  I’m not sure if this story makes me Belle or the Beast – I’ll let you decide.

I was just sitting out on our deck enjoying the calm after a light rain.  The birds were everywhere singing up a storm.  Otis was in the tall grass, pretending to be a hunter.  Because it had just rained, I took out my camping chair to have a place to sit that was dry.  I was on the edge of the steps, sitting still and relaxed when I heard fluttering of wings behind me.  Very close behind me.  And then I felt it – gentle, light, clenching claws on the back of my pony tail.  Now, my reaction was not of calm oneness with nature – I wish!  I tensed right up and starting quiet-yelling “Ahhhhhhh ahhhh ahhh.”  So the bird flew away.  I saw it.  It was a little black junco.  One of the many flying around, not at all afraid of Otis.  I guess he wasn’t afraid of me, either.

I think my lack of grace in the situation makes me more like Beast….

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