Dusting off the Ole’ Skis

Back when I worked at EMS (which is also “back when I was slim” and “back when I first met Lee”) I purchased a pair of Rossignal back country cross country skis, bindings and boots for the whopping great deal of $80. That’s right! They were on triple clearance or something and I thought, I’ll start cross country skiing. Well, I can only remember using them once, falling like two thousand times, and giving up.
Here in Fairbanks, Cross Country Skiing has a different appeal. Everyone does it! And seeing people out on skis is inspiring. In the summer, people ski on those wheely skis on the bike paths. In the winter, there are trails everywhere. EVERYWHERE!! There are trails at Birch Hill, UAF, Creamer’s Field, Goldstream, and in – drum roll please – OUR BACKYARD! That’s right folks. We can literally walk out the door, put on our skis, and go. And there are miles of trails. If I was capable, I could ski all the way to Creamer’s Field. But, as “back when I was slim” implies, I am not capable. At least not yet.
So yesterday, Lee and I stepped outside and went skiing.

I should clarify, though. I went skiing. Lee doesn’t have skis. It makes him very sad.

I have to say, I was nervous. As I said, the last time I tried cross country skiing. I fell a lot. So I was honestly worried I would fall, and fall and then fall again. Knowing myself, I would start to get really frustrated. But, guess what? I only fell once! It was right at the beginning and I lost my balance. I lost my balance many times after that, but I was able to save it the other times. Don’t worry. Lee captured the fall.

The trails behind our house are multi-use trails. But they are mostly used by the Sled Dog Association that is located up the road from us. We didn’t see any sleds yesterday – the races happen on the weekends – but we stayed to the side just in case. It was a truly spectacular day. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, it was 20 degrees out, (that’s above zero) and the breeze felt fresh and good as I was sweating up a storm.
I’m glad I finally got out on my skis (thanks Dad for sending them!) and that I finally explored these trails in our own back yard. I’ll be out a bunch more before the snow melts. I’m told we have through April. And while I cannot wait for Summer and grass and sunlight at night, I’m glad I have a little more time to get better at Cross Country skiing!
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  1. Joel Eastman says:

    Hello Kate, So great to read your blogs. Such an adventure, complete with a frozen brown tower! Ski trails out the back door have long been a requirement for any living arrangement. Taking off in the snow can calm the restless. Doggie woods walks and skeeters have replaced the ski trails for now. I imagine you will be able to ski for a little while longer.

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