Fairbanks Clean-Up Day

Across the city on Saturday, Fairbanksans pitched in to clean-up.  Now that the snow has melted (that’s right, folks!!) the multitudes of Carl’s Jr. bags, Taco Bell wrappers, and cigarette packs littered on the side of the road have been revealed.  So there is lots of cleaning to do!  Lee and I pitched in.  We cleaned up a strip of roadside on Farmer’s Loop.  It took 2 hours to fill three big garbage bags and drag up two tires.  It felt good.  Lee was feeling stressed as this is finals week.  But he was a good sport and did it anyway.  Gotta love my husband.  While I know he thought it was important to do for our new community, I think he really did it because it was important to me.  Feeling pretty lucky (and really excited for the semester to be over!).  Here he is.  Isn’t he handsome?

Lee Pick-Up

And here I am.  Notice the awkward bending?

Kate Pick-Up

Yeah, that’s because of my choice of clean-up pants.  I guess I didn’t think it through very clearly.  Every time I bent over, I crescent-mooned the passing cars.  Note to all you would-be trash picker uppers – wear elastic waisted pants!

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2 Responses to Fairbanks Clean-Up Day

  1. Thanks for pitching in to help! I couldn’t get out there yesterday, but I am so happy for those who could! Everything looks so much nicer. I love that Fairbanks has Clean Up Day. I wish we didn’t have so much trash accumulate all winter, but I’m so grateful to everyone – including you – for getting out there to make everything pretty again. *high five*

    As for the pants – hahahahaha! I’d probably do the same thing! I don’t think ahead as to the bending and stooping I’d be doing. Big mistake!

    Can’t wait for our wildflowers to start coming up now.

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