Gray Water Fiasco

Because we have no plumbing in our cabin, the dirty water from dishes and such is collected under the sink to be disposed of outside. It has been Lee’s chore to dispose of this “gray water” when it is getting too full. Except yesterday morning, Lee took the car to have the windshield replaced, so I had the house to myself. I cleaned, scrubbed, washed dishes, cleaned out the fridge, and heard drip, drip, trickllllllle, drip. The event Lee had been dreading happened – the gray water bucket overflowed and was now spilling all over the cabinet below the sink and onto the floor. I had to skillfully tip the filled bucket into the other bucket and carry the water outside. Then I used 7 or 8 towels to sop up the mess. In the end, it wasn’t as disastrous as I thought it would be, but it wasn’t fun either. Moral of the story: check gray water before washing the dishes – a habit that must be developed before winter sets in and I can’t hang the towels outside to dry!

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