Holy Update Catch-Up Batman!

Hello from British Columbia! Sorry for the delay in updates. We’ve been so tired at the end of each night! We’ve gained a total of three hours, so now I’m feeling a bit more awake with the sun still out!

First, an Otis update. He’s doing well. He’s a real trooper, that’s for sure! On day 1, it took him a while to settle down. But he found a spot and stayed there. Was especially afraid of overpasses. The night of day 3 (Regina, SK) we stayed in a fancy room (Thanks Mom!). It had two rooms attached, so we think he thought he’d arrived in his new home. He still hadn’t pooped, but by the next morning (day 4) he pooped twice! Everybody cheer! We were excited 🙂 Anyway, when we left, he was so upset. He moped in the backseat and all night last night. He fought pretty hard getting into his carrier today and even yelled at us a bit a few hours into the drive. But he settled down and actually ate-a lot! (He hadn’t been eating in the car). He also slept upside down and was snoring! So he’s really getting the hang of it. Here’s a few cute pics of his little traveling home.

Otis lounging on his favorite bed.

Otis lounged out in his cube.

Today’s big events involved driving through the most vast wilderness either of us have ever seen and having our windshield cracked by a rock spit up by an oil truck. BAM KAPLOW (going with the Batman theme) Ugh. Another expense in this move. But we’re okay. As for the Wilderness, I’ve truly never seen anything like it. The trees just go on and on and on. And the mountains in the distance are beautiful. I’d like to show you pictures, but they seem to not want to load anymore…. will try again tomorrow.
Two more days of driving to go!

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2 Responses to Holy Update Catch-Up Batman!

  1. Julie says:

    So, how much longer until you get there?! Can’t wait to see your pics of the trip. Thinking of you!

  2. Jeepers says:

    It is now the 19th….I hope you arrived safely. It is so great that your cat will travel… Joel

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