I’ve Returned!

Hi everyone!  I’m back after my science camp hiatus.  Science Camp was the hardest job I’ve ever had (minus that one waitressing job in Portsmouth where the computer screens were weird colors and the waitstaff never helped me but I was always supposed to help them – I quit / was fired).  Seriously, Lee and I worked between 80 and 90 hours a week for four weeks.  Seven hours a day with kids and no breaks, then many more hours into the evening for planning.  And working with kids is a whole different kind of exhausting.  One that I am used to, yes.  But not one that Lee is used to.  I think that part was the hardest.  Although, he managed a couple of posts this past month, and I did not.  So I guess that makes me the lame one.

Anyway, Science Camp is over, we are on a bit of a vacation that so far involves a little bit of cleaning, a little bit of knitting, and a lot of Otter Pop eating.  It’s also going to involve running, as I’ve decided to begin running.  When we went camping with the kids, we played all kinds of capture the flag and elbow tag.  The running actually felt good!  Now, just running down the road isn’t nearly as fun as elbow tag, but it will feel good.  If I could organize daily games of elbow tag to get into shape, I would. But I only know like four people in Fairbanks, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be as excited about elbow tag as I am.  So running it is.  Watch me go!  Woosh!  (Well, maybe put put put from all the otter pops).

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