Knitting Up a Snow Storm

It’s been snowing all weekend. Yesterday morning we woke up to fourteen inches of freshly fallen powder. It’s the most snow we’ve had in one shot since we arrived in Fairbanks. Usually it snows an inch here, or a couple of inches there. And as the temperature never goes above freezing, the snow accumulates. But 14 inches in one night? This was a big snowfall! Lee actually had to shovel the walkway to the outhouse (we usually just pack it down). The snow is up to my mid thighs as I walk to the bathroom.

I’m off yesterday and today – I don’t work during parent-teacher conferences. So I’m catching up on some much needed cleaning and knitting. I have a basket in the living room dedicated to knitting projects that NEED to be completed, as in, I was supposed to give these as Christmas gifts. So I am knitting on this snowy day. All weekend I’ve been knitting, and have successfully finished three projects. It feels good to get these done. It’s like I am spring cleaning. Having unfinished things weighs on you, even unfinished knitting projects. I can’t wait to finish these so I can start some new things without the guilt!

Ribbed socks for Lee – Now his toes are toasty!

Once summer comes, I won’t have time to knit. I’ll be hiking and canoeing and gardening in the midnight sun (I’ve started day-dreaming already). No time for wool (well, maybe from 1 am to 2 am). So I’d better not linger here too long. Back to the needles I go!

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2 Responses to Knitting Up a Snow Storm

  1. Kimberley says:

    Love those socks!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait to see my new knit wear 🙂 I miss you so so much. All of my love- Dee

    p.s. those picture of the birds are SO cool!

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