Our First Alaskan Christmas

Yesterday Lee and I celebrated our first Christmas in Alaska, our first Christmas as a married couple, and my first Christmas away from family. Despite missing my family, it was a really lovely day. Lee and I slept in (which I believe is also a first for me on Christmas morning!). We woke up at 9:30, made coffee, and sat around our little tree to open gifts. Thanks to my Meme, we had lots of little goodies to open in addition to the wonderful gifts Lee and I exchanged, and even two presents left by Santa. It was a wonderful day morning. In fact, while we are talking about firsts, I think it is the first time Lee and I have actually opened our presents on Christmas morning! We always had family gatherings on Christmas, so we would open them Christmas Eve. Lee out did himself this year. He surprised me with a gorgeous necklace and matching earings. It was a set we saw at the AFN (Alaska Federation of Natives) Craft Fair back in October. I loved the orange stones and how they sparkled. Aren’t they beautiful? As my cousin said, what a good doobie!

Lee also got me this amazing birdhouse, made out of reclaimed wood. It’s even insulated for these frigid arctic temperatures! How great is that?? One of my favorite things is to sit and watch the birds out our window. We’ve only been able to attract chickadees so far. Hopefully this will help bring other types of birds to our little home in the woods.

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