Read This.

Excellent article about a moose encounter that ended sadly…. Read it!

Not sure I buy the “safety” issue. It was 1:00 in the morning and the moose was protecting its calf. That’s what moose do. There’s no concern of rabid moose. And, did someone forget to tell the UAF Police that we live in Alaska? I think they just wanted to shoot something. And now I feel sad for the yearling who has to survive winter without his mother.

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2 Responses to Read This.

  1. Julie Curry says:

    Yikes! Did you happen to read the comments that followed the article? Especially the one by the butcher…

  2. OrangeBeauty says:

    Yikes is right! No, I hadn’t read the comments. Did you see the long comment by the kid who was actually chased? I suppose I can buy the argument that people will be fed. Still, it stinks! Hope you are doing well!

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