The Drive

Yesterday morning Lee and I got out of bed, made coffee, and Lee said “Let’s go explore today.” So we did. You know how when you move to a new place, you learn how to get to the essentials, then get into a routine, and only later you say “I wonder where that road goes…” Yesterday we drove around some of those roads.

First we went up the hills that are right behind our house. We’ve been here five months and had never been up! Fun logs homes with amazing views of the city. Fun windy roads.

Then, we veered southwest to Ester, a small community just outside Fairbanks with a large history in goldmining, the remnants of which still remain. It’s actually kind of ugly as you approach Ester on the Parks Highway, abandoned cars and mining equipment, beat up trailers, all scatter the side of the road. But turn off the Parks onto the Old Nenana Highway and watch out! You climb higher and higher

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