The Tale of the Late Physicist, the Brave School Teacher and the Howling Wolf

Once upon a time a Physicist and a School Teacher were driving home from a long day of work. It was dark out and there was a fresh dusting of snow on the ground. They were talking to each other, reminiscing about their days, and as they turned onto their road and approached their house, out of no where, a large, beige beast darted across the road in front of them! The school teacher stopped mid sentence, then asked, “Um…..What was that?” The physicist replied, “Um……Was it a wolf?” The school teacher, scared as she was, said “I think that was a wolf!” But the physicist wouldn’t believe his own eyes (because in physics, things aren’t always as they appear.) The couple cautiously exited their buggy to the sounds squirrels all in a tither. They knew instantly that there was something amiss. Quickly they went into their safe cabin to warn their cat, Otis, that it was not safe for him to go outside, as the wolf would surely eat him. Then they settled in for a cozy sleep, safe in their bed.

The next morning, as the physicist and the school teacher set off for another day of work, they discussed what they had seen. “Perhaps it was just a dog,” the physicist offered. “It was awfully fast for a dog,” the school teacher countered. “Maybe it was a fox,” the physicist suggested. “It was awfully big for a fox,” the school teacher replied. “Perhaps it…” But before the physicist could offer another explanation for the strange beast they had seen the night before, WHOOSH went the engine, then SQEEAAKK. The school teacher had to skillfully drive the squeeling buggy to drop off the physicist, and then drive herself to work. At which point she called a tow truck. They would be without a car for atleast a day.

With their only car in the shop, the potential wolf encounter quickly left their minds and they set out to figure out how to ride the bus. Bright and early they were up, walking for 30 minutes to the bus stop. They were successful in their transportation endevours. However, the mechanics were not. It would be another day of bus travel.

The next morning they woke up again, this time a little less enthusiastically than the day before. And soon enough, they were running late. The physicist was panicked – he had a lab to teach at 8:00 and absolutely could not miss the bus. So he set out first, while the school teacher finished getting ready for her day. Armed with a head lamp, the school teacher finally set out for the bus stop in the dark, alone. She walked at a fast clip, because she didn’t want to miss the bus either, and also because she was slightly afraid of the dark. As she turned the corner, she was stopped in her tracks. Owwwoooooooooooooooo echoed through the trees. Then silence. Then again, Ow Ow Owoooooooooooooo. Not a single dog in the neighborhood responded. It was not a language they spoke. It was not the howl of a dog. Canine, yes, but not a dog. It was 100% absolutely a wolf. And the memory of the shadowy beast they had seen two nights before flashed through her mind. No doubt about it. There was a wolf nearby, and she was alone. The very brave school teacher walked faster and faster, reminding herself “Wolves don’t eat people, wolves don’t eat people,” all the way to the bus stop.

Now don’t worry, dear readers. You will be pleased to know that the school teacher and the physicist made it to the bus on time. And later that day the school teacher picked up the buggy, good as new. The wolf has not been seen or heard from since. For now, the physicist and the school teacher (and Otis the cat) are living happily ever after.

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2 Responses to The Tale of the Late Physicist, the Brave School Teacher and the Howling Wolf

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this little tale, and felt I was right there with the Physicist and the Brave School Teacher. Miss you sweetheart, stay strong medicine woman. xoxo love Auntie

  2. Kimberley says:

    Miss you! Can’t believe you saw a wolf! Yikes!!!!! Love you~K

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