The Trip: A Summary

Hello from Fairbanks! We have arrived and are frantically trying to get everything we need before work starts on Monday. For those who don’t know, I was offered and accepted a full time job in an elementary school in Fairbanks. Actually, two schools; it was two part time positions put together, which means I get benefits. So big, enormous relief on that front.

Currently we do not have internet access. I am posting from a public computer at UAF. So unfortunately I cannot post pictures at this time. However, I will provide a list of the highlights of our adventure across the continent. This is a list I kept in my writer’s notebook. Enjoy!

  • Moose in an alfalfa field in Minnesota! We didn’t know what it was at first, it was so out of place. First moose of the trip!
  • Hotel in St. Cloud, MN: a tornado siren sent Otis and I to the bathroom. Otis didn’t like it very much!
  • Chicago: no traffic! a miracle!
  • Chili’s in Canada doesn’t have the same menu as the US.
  • Saw the aftermath of a tornado in North Dakota (happened while we were in St. Cloud). A combine was crumbled – folded in half and in half again. Amazing.
  • Lee saved us from a head-on collision atleast six times on Country Rd. 52 in ND. Yikes!
  • ND has corn, alfalfa, grain silos, sunflower fields (really pretty), grain silos, grain silos, trains that go to the grain silos to pick up grain, and more grain silos.
  • Crossed the boarder. She didn’t even want to look at all our paperwork for Otis!
  • Regina, SK is pronounced in an unfortunate way. Lee and I giggled every time we heard someone say it.
  • Our grill is filled with dead moths. Covered. And for some reason it attracts swarms of bees.
  • Lee has trouble with the game Twenty Questions 🙂
  • Southern SK is gross. Tar strip mining, oil and coal destruction. Esteban, SK felt more sad than any town I’d ever been in.
  • British Columbia is gorgeous.
  • We saw a sign that said “WATERFALLS AND DINOSAURS! ATTRACTION!” It was hilarious. We greatly regret not stopping to see it.
  • The Yukon Territory is some of the most different and beautiful landscape I have ever seen. Best kept secret in North America. Kluane National Park is spectacular and other worldly. Can’t wait to share pictures!
  • The Alaska Highway is long and bumpy! And people drive FAST on it! An oil truck kicked up a rock that put a massive crack in our windshield. Scary.
  • Alaska is beautiful. And GUESS WHAT??? It feels a lot like Rangeley 🙂

We’re here and we’re getting settled. But I’m feeling a bit sad too. Today is my mom’s birthday and I’m missing her terribly. Looking forward to feeling like this is my home. More about Fairbanks and our little cabin soon!

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