This is Alaska.

Imagine this. You’re driving home from picking up your husband. It’s dark. The roads are icy because, well, it’s October and that’s when it gets icy. You slowly turn onto your dirt road. Well, not your dirt road, but the dirt road that leads to your dirt road. Ahead you see some head lights and say to your husband, “Did someone drive off the road?” He says no, but as you get closer you see that, yes, someone has driven off the road. But wait! What are those glowing green and orange eyes? Oh, of course! It’s a sled dog team leading a 4-wheeler pulled to the side of the road. And then your Cheechako brain slowly puts it together. This musher is out running his dogs on his 4 wheeler because the snow isn’t deep enough for a sled yet, and the driver of the car in the ditch swerved to avoid them and went into said ditch. So you pull over, get out, help the musher push the car out of the ditch while his dogs are barking in the background, wave goodbye, and hear the musher say to the driver nonchalantly,”Sorry ’bout that.” Yup. This is Alaska.

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