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Happy Autumn Equinox

Today is the Autumn Equinox. Half way between 24 hours of daylight and 24 hours of darkness. Well, in Fairbanks, that isn’t entirely true. The sun sets on the summer solstice – it just stays light out. And the sun … Continue reading

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Hiking and Pareidolia

On Sunday, Lee and I set out to hike one of the “classic” hikes of Fairbanks – Angel Rocks. It is actually about an hour outside of Fairbanks, up Chena Hot Springs Rd. It was a perfect day for a … Continue reading

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Qiviut Dreams

On Labor Day, Lee and I went to visit the Large Animal Research Station (called LARS) at UAF. There, they do research on Caribou, Reindeer, and Musk Ox. All amazing creatures and the tour/lecture they give about the animals was … Continue reading

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Alaska’s Fall Foliage

It’s Labor Day today, and in New England, family and friends are celebrating the end of summer outside in 72 degree weather. It is warm, but there is a hint of crispness in the air, the feeling that fall will … Continue reading

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Gray Water Fiasco

Because we have no plumbing in our cabin, the dirty water from dishes and such is collected under the sink to be disposed of outside. It has been Lee’s chore to dispose of this “gray water” when it is getting … Continue reading

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