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Read This.

Excellent article about a moose encounter that ended sadly…. Read it! Not sure I buy the “safety” issue. It was 1:00 in the morning and the moose was protecting its calf. That’s what moose do. There’s no concern of rabid … Continue reading

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Fire Drills

While standing at the copy machine today, the Librarian rushed by with her coat, saying, “Don’t forget, we go out the back door,” and ran off.

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This is Alaska.

Imagine this. You’re driving home from picking up your husband. It’s dark. The roads are icy because, well, it’s October and that’s when it gets icy. You slowly turn onto your dirt road. Well, not your dirt road, but the … Continue reading

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Winter has arrived in Fairbanks. While everyone back east is going to pumpkin patches and corn mazes and enjoying the fall foliage, everyone here in AK is getting their skis out for winter. It’s amazing, really. An inch and a … Continue reading

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I’m Waaaiiiiting…….

We put up the bird feeder yesterday and Otis was ready and waiting for the birds to arrive the moment it went up. The chickadees found the feeder this afternoon. Otis spent hours chirping at them and trying to open … Continue reading

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Date Night at the Brewery

Last night my amazing husband took me on a date to celebrate our three month wedding anniversary! We went to the Silver Gulch Brewery, a local brewery located just north of Fairbanks in Fox. They have a relatively new restaurant … Continue reading

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Bathroom Brawl… Almost

Because we are without running water, I travel to the university to take my showers. The student union – The Wood Center – has showers available for “university affiliated” persons, which I am, sort of. Let’s just say I am. … Continue reading

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