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Needs to be Said.

Lately in the news, there have been too many incidents of women and children being raped.  The poor woman in Lybia whose story was able to be told before she was taken to prison.  She is now being sued for … Continue reading

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On my walk…

Here’s what I heard on my walk this evening: 1.  Sled dogs barking non-stop.  (Why do they do that?) 2.  An owl hooting.  We have an owl in our woods.  Lee has heard it the past few mornings, but by … Continue reading

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The Poopsicle (aka the Stalischite)

WARNING: This entry discusses the less romantic side of dry cabin living in Alaska. If you are easily grossed out, you may wish to wait for the next entry. If you are intrigued, please read on. It took so long … Continue reading

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Dusting off the Ole’ Skis

Back when I worked at EMS (which is also “back when I was slim” and “back when I first met Lee”) I purchased a pair of Rossignal back country cross country skis, bindings and boots for the whopping great deal … Continue reading

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