Dear Lee

Dear Lee,

It’s Saturday and you have been gone now for four days.  I’ve been saying all day, I’ve made it half way.  It’s been hard, though not as hard as I thought.  Mostly, I just miss you.  We’ve been managing fine, Moose, Otis and Me.  Otis has been snuggling on the couch with me all morning.  We all slept in till 9:00!  Now I’m just taking a break from school work to give you an update on our week. I know you won’t be able to even read it until you are home next week, but I thought I could send it out to the Universe.

So far most of our antics have been Moose related.  He got out of his Kennel on Wednesday.  On Friday, I came home to his bed torn apart (sigh).  On our walk on Thursday evening, we had an encounter with two dogs not on leashes which was scary because Moose went all bat crap crazy.  Now I have cheese with me on every walk for those moments.  I had to babysit Wednesday night.  Their heat was all messed up so it was like 80 degrees in the apartment.  Kept having to open a window, let it get cold, then close the window.  Moose came with us.  Despite the heat, he did really well.  We came home at 5:00 am exhausted from a night of not sleeping.

Let’s see… I have a ton of school work still left to do and I find it harder to focus on work when you aren’t here.  I just feel a bit lonely and can’t seem to escape into writing a paper.  It’s easier to escape into Angry Birds 🙂  Plus I’m feeling some stress by all the other things that need to get done, like dishes and groceries and laundry and bills.  Not to mention walks and workouts and cooking and you get the idea.  I just wish you were here to talk me through it all.

So, you aren’t missing too much around here.  The leaves haven’t opened up like you thought they might.  It’s been chilly.  It does get close to 60 in the day but still drops down to 30 at night, and the last few days the sun has only peeked out a couple of times, so it stays chillier.  I like it like that.  I think Moose does too.

Sending you all kinds of love and hugs.  It looks like it’s been raining in Paxson.  I hope you are staying warm and dry and hope everything is going successfully and you’ll be home sooner rather than later.  I love you.


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