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So my absence on the blog has been a result of being holed up on rainy day after rainy day trying to plow through these summer courses.  I’ve been busy, and as I’m not the best student (in terms of quality study habits) I have found it to be a bit stressful.  But the past week has turned sunny and perfectly warm – in the 70’s – and I’m finding my mind turning to other, summer like things.  This, of course, is despite the fact that all my course work is due next Monday and I have a crap ton still left to do.

One of the things that happens when your head is in the books, and your husband’s head is in the books, and its cold and rainy, is your routine is the same.  For example, grocery store routine.  We’ve been going to the grocery store to get all our produce, like it was winter.  And the other week Lee and I noticed that the grocery store produce was icky!  The onions were old and bruised, the tomatoes were really red cardboard, the lettuce was awful.  And I thought, wait a minute, isn’t it summer?  What are we doing buying crappy veggies?!

So on Saturday, Lee and I went to the Farmer’s Market.  I know I know, you are saying to your computer screen, “Well, obviously Kate.  What were you thinking?”  Clearly, I wasn’t thinking.  I was so engrossed in my school work that I wasn’t thinking at all about the fact that it is summer and, despite our short growing season, people grow food here in Alaska, and not only are we craving fresh produce, but we should be supporting the farmers who work to provide local produce.

Here’s our bounty (and Otis).

Most vendors had the usual cucumbers, onions, chard, kale, lettuce, and carrots.  Some had beets and turnips.  Lots of kohlrabi and cabbage.  One farmer had beautiful green and purple string beans.  Another had sugar snap peas (my favorite!).  There really was some great variety.  And so far, it’s all been delicious!  Lee made scrambled egg quesadillas this morning, with sauteed farm onions in the local eggs from the green house, and topped with a homemade salsa with farm tomatoes and green onions, with our own cilantro and basil growing on the porch.  Seriously delish.  For lunch we are having a quinoa salad with arugula we got from the market.  And for dinner we are having tacos with all the veggie fixings from the farm.

I will say that I noticed there was no cheese being sold at the market …. and this got me thinking… maybe I should be raising goats instead of writing papers.

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