Road Block

The other night Lee picked me up from work and we ran a few errands; dinner, Sam’s Club for a large doormat, gas.  By the time we got home, it was almost six and I had to pee.  We brought a load of groceries into the house and I ran out to use the outhouse.  Only, there was something in the way.

Well, not technically in the way.  I heard some rustling.  I stopped, listened, then heard it again.  Ahead and just off the trail that leads to our outhouse was a moose chomping on some willows.  She saw me, and kept munching, but I couldn’t move forward.  I would have been walking very close to her to get to the outhouse and I would have most likely walked right into her safety bubble, possibly prompting a charge.  I knocked on the window to get Lee.  He came out with his camera and tried to get some pictures.

I, meanwhile, did an award-winning pee-dance.  It was a sight to behold, I’m sure. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s why the moose stayed – it was just so entertaining!  Lee suggested I just pee in the woods.  I said no.  I already have to pee in a hole outside and brave moose encounters.  Peeing in the woods just outside my house would have been too much for my pride.

I finally stepped forward and said kindly to the young moose, “Okay lady.  I’m sorry but I need you to be on your way.  Please come back later.”  She looked up and walked away.  Just like that.  Sometimes you just need to ask.  Saying please helps.  And I was able to pee.


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