Welcome Moose!

Last week, Lee and I went to meet Moose, the sweetest dog in the entire world. He came home with us and is living here for a mandatory 2 week trial period before we are allowed to adopt him. But there is no doubt. He’s staying.

Moose is a Newfie and Lab mix. Lee says he seems more Newfie, but to me he just looks like a big, black golden retriever. But I really don’t know anything about dogs. At puppy class (yes, we already have him in dog obedience school) two different people said they thought he looked like he had Chow in him. I just shrugged my shoulders because, okay, what’s a chow?

All those details aside, he’s an absolute doll. Happy, loves to play with his squeaky ball (which annoys Lee but I, surprisingly, don’t mind) and is very interested in Otis. In a week, we have had many successful times with both Otis and Moose in the living room, sleeping and happy. It’s not always like that. Moose gets too close. But he’s learning, and in the meantime, Otis has the upstairs to himself. And Lee keeps reminding me that it will take time and if I believe they will be okay, they will be okay. So that’s my mantra. They will be okay. And it’s not all wonderful. There are a few behaviors that we need to work on, like pulling on the leash when we walk, and growling at the neighbors (that one was shocking). But that’s why we are in doggy school. We’ll learn, and he’ll settle in.

Having a dog has been all consuming. I am exhausted. Many people have said to me that getting a dog is the step before having kids. Having a dog has me questioning if I could handle kids! I’m pooped!

Here are some pictures to help you fall in love with our new munchkin. We are totally smitten!

I was thinking that I could have one treat for sitting and a second for looking at you with these eyes Smile_lo_res Moose 2 loving the snow_lo_res

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