Workout Interrupted

I’m back to the grind. School’s started, I’m on a regular work schedule, and I’m back to a regular workout schedule too. I’ve been doing T25 right when I get home for work. It’s hard, fun, and done in 25 minutes. Today, Lee took Moose for his walk while I did my workout. At 17 minutes in, the phone dings with a text. I checked in case it was Lee. It was. The message read, “I think you need to come pick us up in the car.” I was worried Moose was too tired because he hadn’t eaten. Nope. The next message read, “I can’t get Moose to budge because there is a goat thing following us.” I drove.

It was not a “goat thing.” It was a goat. A big goat, actually. I turned the corner to see her standing there, about ten feet from Lee, who was holding on to the leash while Moose strained to get at the goat. I drove past them, up to the goat, and started to honk. I then proceeded to honk and chase the goat all the way to the end of the road where we think, but aren’t sure, she came from. As I drove back to Lee and Moose, the goat started to head back in our direction, so Lee got Moose to jump in the car, we drove around the corner, and I let them back out to finish their walk. (Moose needs his exercise too, after all.) I drove home, back into the house, and finished my last eight minutes and 22 second of my work out. Now that’s what I call commitment to my workout!

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